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It is strongly advised that you get lessons. Trying to learn on your own could actually set you back. Learning when you are young may lead to a life time of pleasure but some people have learned when they are much older and are now members of the band. The band offers instruction in the great highland bagpipes, snare drum, tenor drum and bass drum. Individual lessons are offered by qualified instructors on a weekly basis.

Lessons are provided free of charge for individuals who wish to join the band. Practice ChanterThe time it would take to learn the basics varies from six months to a year.


The total length of time to achieve competency depends on effort, prior music experience and ability. To begin, you will have to purchase a practice chanter at a cost of about $100. Bagpipes are a difficult instrument and take several years to play -- some may never achieve full competency.

A Piping Manual and Tune Book are provided by the band. The Piping Manual is used with private instruction and show the student basic notes and the other executions necessary for playing the bagpipes. Students need daily practice and weekly lessons for at least a year on a practice chanter. Once the basic tunes have been learned, they will proceed to learning how to play the bagpipes. At this stage, students will be expected to obtain bagpipes costing between $1000 and $2000. (see Learning to Play the Great Highland Bagpipes).

Learning to play the bagpipes may take many months of practice and instruction. Most students take a year or more to be reasonably competent. After learning a minimum of 12 tunes on the bagpipes, a student will be invited to join the band at practice and eventually in parades. Once a member, daily practice and attendance at weekly band practices are strongly encouraged.


A pipeband consists of three sections: The bagpipes, the snare drums, and the midsection. The midsection consists of the bass drum and the tenor drums. You will have to purchase a drum pad and sticks for a cost of about $50 to $100. The basics of bass, tenor and snare drumming are taught using drum sticks and a pad. Instructional materials are available for each and you will be taught by qualified instructors.

The time it would take to achieve competency on drums varies from 6 months to a year. The cost of a drum, case and harness varies from $600 to $800.

Bass Drum Tenor Drum Snare Drum Drum Pad and Sticks

Becoming a Member:

Obtaining the goal of playing with the band depends on your desire to practice frequently and thus improve your playing. The band is not a competitive band, so you are not asked to be judged for your ability on a regular basis. You will be asked to show your level of competence when joining the band. As a member of the Kincardine Scottish Pipe Band you will be provided with a uniform. You are expected to provide your own instruments and other minor items. However, we work to allow people to become part of the band without adding significant financial burden.

The Kincardine Scottish Pipe Band offers people of all ages the chance to learn a musical instrument from qualified instructors. We frequently perform to enthusiastic audiences. You will become part of an organization that contributes to the local community and wider audiences, an extremely rewarding experience. The band is over 100 years old and has had individuals of many skills and experiences that pay tribute to the enduring allure of pipe band music.

In return, we ask is that students strive to play to the best of their abilities, attend practices and perform with the band on a regular basis in the traditional Saturday Night Parades. Playing for special events in the community is welcomed. To find out more, please use the Contact page.

Pipe Band Practice

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